What is tawawa?

What is tawawa

Soothing with succulents

Time to enjoy me.

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"Tawawa" is an online shop that sells succulents.

(Old shop name: TANIKU)

Whip whip leaves, plump form, sharp and cool leaf tips, autumn leaves that change color every day.

"Succulents" that heal just by looking at them.

Now that my house time is getting longer, I can feel a little peace just by having succulents in my house.

However, cute succulents are hard to come by at shops and home improvement stores near your house. ..

Even if I finally find it online, it's a little difficult to understand how to purchase it. ..

We have opened "tawawa" for those people and for them to feel healing in their daily lives.

May it be a healing in your life as much as possible.

Store manager profile

Tomoe Yoshiko

Keiko Tomoe

Born in the countryside of Hyogo, I grew up swimming in the river, running around the mountains and interacting with flowers.

She currently lives in Tokyo with her three children and her husband. Succulents are the healing of busy everyday life. She is still a beginner in succulents and is studying how to grow and many varieties every day, but she is one of the fascinated by succulents. Her favorite succulents are Echeveria and Crassula.

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