Blue Metal

Tax included.

A beautiful seedling rare, beautiful black purple leaves.

◆ Cut seedlings imported from Korea, 1 seedlings.

◆ There is no soil and a bowl. Please prepare.

We put in 2Y plasters of the Kanja industry as a reference.
The size of the pot is 6.4 cmx height 6.2 cm by diagonal.

We also put it as a reference to the original remake pot 2.5 sizes.

◆ Photography It will be equivalent. The shape, leaves, and leaf color have some individual differences. Moth

In addition, it may be grown from shooting (4/17) or color change.
After understanding that it is a plant, please purchase.

◆ We are checking at the time of shipping, but please acknowledge the size of seedlings, such as insects, insects, scratches, pain.
Please check after the product arrives.
Please contact us if there is a defect in the product.
Please note that the characteristics of the product, such as freezing, evaporation, and the case of delivery, so please be aware of the return or exchange.

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