Devil's Horn

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Crassula? A rare succulent plant with long, thin leaves that overlap in order. The tips of the autumn leaves turn bright red.

※caution※ The water is running out, so I'm tired.
Plant it in the soil and absorb water to restore it.

◆ One seedling, a cut seedling imported from South Korea.

◆ Soil and pots are not included. Please prepare.

For reference, it is put in a 2Y plastic pot of Kanaya Sangyo.
The size of the pot is 6.4 cm diagonally x 6.2 cm in height.

Original remake bowl for sale, size 2.5 (brown) size 3The size (beige) is also included as a reference.

◆ It will be the same as the photo. There are some individual differences in shape, number of leaves, and leaf color.

In addition, it may have grown or the color may have changed since the time of shooting (1/27).
Please purchase after understanding that it is a plant.

◆ We check the size of the seedlings at the time of shipment, but please note the size of the seedlings such as insects, worm-eaten, scratches, and pain.
Please check immediately after the item arrives.
If the product is defective, please contact us.
Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to the characteristics of the product, such as freezing, stuffiness, and legginess during shipping.

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