* New receipt * 3 MS Seed by Agaavoidehyb

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MS Seed Agboid Hybrid (unknown breed of Agavoides)

It has a very large number of leaves, and it is filled with yellowish-colored beautiful seedlings.

It is a seedlings and seedlings imported from Korea.

There are no clay and pots.I would like you to do so.
As a reference, it is included in the 2Y plabbachi of the Kaneya Industrial, and the blided bowl in 2.5 items (remake bowl).
The size of the plasa is 6.4cmx height 6.2cm in the diagonal line.

This will be a photo equivalent.
The shape, the number of leaves, and the leaf color are somewhat different.
In addition, it may be more or more colored than the shooting (12/21).
Please understand the fact that you are a plant, and you may purchase it.

Please note the size of the seedlings such as insects, worms, wounds, pain, and so on, while checking the time of delivery.
Please check as soon as possible after arrival of the product.
If there is a defect in the product, please contact me.
Please note that, for example, in the case of a freeze, steamed, or rewarder being shipped, return and exchange may be accepted as a characteristic of the product.

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