Tax included.

A beautiful contrast between the red outer leaves and the bright chrysanthemum in the center of the seedling.

Cut seedlings imported from Korea, 1 seedling.

Soil and pot are not included. Please prepare your own.

It is put in the 2Y plastic pot of Kaneya Sangyo for reference.
The size of the pot is 6.4cm (diagonal) x 6.2cm (height).

It is the same as the photo. The shape, the number of leaves, and the leaf color are a little individual difference.

In addition, there is the case that it has grown from the time of taking a picture (5/8) and the color has changed.
Please understand that it is a plant, please purchase.

Please note that the size of the seedlings, such as insects, insect bites, scratches, pain, etc., although we have checked at the time of shipping.
Please check promptly after the arrival of the goods.
If there is a defect in the product, please contact us.
In the case of freezing during delivery, steaming, overgrowth, etc., please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to the characteristics of the product.

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