Remake bowl sand No. 3

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A simple remake pot with a rough texture and antique processing on the unglazed pot.

◆ Color: Sand

◆ There are No. 2.5 bowl and No. 3 bowl.
This is "No. 3 bowl".

(Outer dimensions) Diameter 9.3 cm x Height 8.5 cm

◆ It will be the same as the photo.

Each item is handmade.
Please forgive the slight difference in processing.

◆ We apply water resistant varnish.


* There are 6 colors in total.
Please make sure there are no mistakes when ordering.

It is one bowl. The seedlings and soil in the image photo and size comparison photo are not included.

* If you order 5 or more bowls at the same time, 80 size shipping fee will be charged.


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