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Good morning.( ˘͈ the ˘͈  )


as usual, as usual.


Yesterday evening, I was very grateful to the inspistors of Instagram.1000I thrust a man.(*˘˘*)..:*♡︎


Thank you.❤︎


And by chance, today,3Month9The day.


39= Sunqueue

39= Sacrent Day


(The Sacrent Day is said to have been enacted last year when Hagane, a cactus counseling center, was applied!)


I hurried, but I was grateful for all of you.39Seed the kind.39%I will turn it off.( ´ ` )


The start of the start today3The hour9It's about the minute.✩︎⡱


39Sobawari! (laughing)


The end is, until there is no more inventory.♡︎


I'd like to see the net shop.⑅︎◡̈︎*

(The price change is in the afternoon.3The hour9is about minutes.)


Tomorrow.3Month10The day is a cactus day, or a day of laughter.

Written by 巴佳子