tanicoco 便利な新機能のご紹介


It has been a while.

How did you all spend your summer?

The online shop tawawa is still on a long summer vacation, but we are about to start moving towards the reopening of the autumn season!

The temperature here in Tokyo is still over 30 degrees Celsius during the day, and the heat is still there, so we are planning to reopen around October.

We hope to see you again after the online shop reopens (*˘︶˘*)

Well, today's news is... ↓↓↓

Long-awaited community service tanicoco! ? 3 new features have been added! !

"New feature 1: notification function"

The number of notifications is now displayed on the notification icon when there are new likes, follows, comments on posts and topics.

(By tapping the "X" mark of "Unconfirmed", it will change to "Confirmed" and the number of notifications will disappear.)

"New function 2: Post deletion function"

Posts can now be deleted by clicking the "Delete" button on the upper right of the posted photo.

"New feature 3: logout function "

A logout button has been added to the bottom of the three-line menu on the top right.


If you are interested, please register as a member of the community service "tanicoco" where only people who like succulents gather and try using it ♪

Community service "tanicoco" is here ↓↓

Click here for usage guide ↓↓

The season when the color and shape of succulents change more and more.

By all means, please use tanicoco to post succulent photos and organize them using albums ✩︎

Thank you for your continued support (*˘︶˘*)

Written by tawawalife