From the start of tomorrow, we will start our new sales campaign

* ゚∗︎\Sales start&News of Campaign/∗︎ * ゚


good evening.

Tomorrow April 30 (Fri) Night21We will start selling new shipping seedlings from time to time✩︎⡱



last year10Month29The net shop opened on the daytawawa」。


Today, more openHalf a yearI was able to welcome you safely!


There was also anxious feeling that it would happen at the beginning of the open, but I am grateful to many people.


We will work to deliver cute succulent plants to you from now on, so thank you in the future.


It is modest, but it is a good feeling of gratitude,Shop open half year campaignWe will hold it.


Campaign 1

From tomorrow3Day4/305/2),Commodity price5000Yen (consumption tax included5500You will be shipped with free shipping for the purchase of yen).


Campaign 2

All in stock in the net shop77Seed seedlings (MSExcept for seedling yakol, at the same time as new incoming seedlings20%40%I will discount!

However, the state of the seedlings may be opened or slightly from the time of photography, or the color may be cooled. If there are too much change, we have been adding. Please purchase above all appreciation!

(As well as those who are too high and other changes are not sold, please be assured that please do not sell♡︎


New incident seedlings, all price cut seedlings together purchase price included5500More than yen, free shipping♥︎︎∗︎* ゚



Currently, at the net shop, all newly packaged seedlings can see the actual seedlings and the price, but it is displayed as "sold out" and can not be purchased.

Tomorrow 21If you become a time (days), you will not be able to display "Sold Out" and can be purchased.

In addition, there is already a seedlings in the price, but all the prices21It will be displayed when it is time.


For new shipping seedlings, before the name of the seedlings✳︎New stock✳︎"Including, all new arrivals are included in the" new arrival "category or" recommended products "category(*˘˘*)


This new incoming package↓↓


Moonbage night

Love letter

Avocado cream



Seven Fukumi




Dark ice

Dentola Chem

Neon light




Violet queen


Indian Club

Democratic festival


Red Eagle




ice cream

Real red

Red egg

Pastel Leon


that's all28Type.



Although the schedule has not been decided yet, I think that the net shop will have a rest until the beginning of the autumn from the rainy season, which is worried about the state of the seedlings during delivery.

During the hot season to rest,tawawaI'm thinking of challenging various challenges for step-up of And I will reopen the net shop in the fall that has become cool again, so thank you in advance⑅︎◡̈︎*


First of all, I'm glad if you enjoy a half-year campaign and a sales period from the Net Shop holiday✩︎⡱


Thank you very much(*˘˘*)

Written by 巴佳子