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* Kaku∗︎\Announcement of sales start /∗︎ * Kaku


Good morning♪


Tonight21From time to time22Sales of two types✩︎⡱


At the net shop, all new seedlings can see the actual photograph and price of the actual seedling.

Tonight21When it becomes (time), the "sold out" display is lost, and it is possible to purchase.


Before the name of the seedling✳︎New arrival✳︎All new arrivals are in the "new entry" category or "recommended goods."(*˘˘*)


A new arrival seedling↓↓



Blood Maria

Bing: pinkle Ruby




Don lip


Nel party

Mini Buddha Temple

Keywords: scarlet


Moon stone


Crown ball

Charles rose

Bella Pink


Lovely bear

Dentori Chem



That's it.


⚠︎ There is a seedling with a note in the new seedling.

Is this the growth of the imported seedling in this season of growth^^;

The price of the bargain is set for that♪Of course, please do not sell too much✩︎⡱


Please confirm the item explanation and purchase it♥︎︎∗︎* Kaku


If you have a delivery date or time zone, please fill out the "add notes" in the cart. I will respond as much as possible♪


If you have something to worry about, direct messages orTawawaPlease feel free to contact us for official line talk.


Please accept my best regards⑅︎◡̈︎*


Written by 巴佳子