"21:00 tonight" We will start sales of 54 new arrival seeds | Multicature plant mail order and sales site tawawa

* ゚∗︎\Notice of sales start /∗︎ * ゚

Good morning♪

tonight21Sometimes new incidental seedlings,54We will start selling kinds✩︎⡱

The newly incoming shipping seedlings are many, so the name of all seedlings is not described, and some recommendations will be introduced♪

(The more cute seedlings are so cute that you want to recommend♡︎



White champagne

Purple champagne

Pink champen



Seoul Heart

Mint trace


Orange monow


Mevina group

Etc., etc. are all cute and beautiful seedlings.

Please see the net shop by all means⑅︎◡̈︎*

Currently, at the net shop, all newly packaged seedlings can see the actual seedlings and the price, but it is displayed as "sold out" and can not be purchased.

tonight21If you become a time (days), you will not be able to display "Sold Out" and can be purchased.

For new shipping seedlings, before the name of the seedlings✳︎New stock✳︎"Including, all new arrivals are included in the" new arrival "category or" recommended products "category(*˘˘*)

If you have any desired delivery date, time zone, or other requests, please fill in "Add notes" in the cart. I will respond as much as possible♪

Direct messages, etc., if you are concerned about somethingtawawaPlease feel free to contact me from the top of the official line.

Introduction of spring season is the last and summer is over9Mon,10Until the moon, the net shop will have a holiday( ˘͈ ˘͈  )

During summer vacation,tawawaI'm thinking of challenging a lot for step-up ofInstagramYa FacebookI'm glad if you could see the internet shop's blog✩︎∗︎* ゚

Thank you very much(*˘˘*)..:*♡︎

Written by 巴佳子