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First landing in Japan! /


Introducing the new original seedlings.


This time I would like to introduce2020Year10First released in Japan in March,

KoreanMam & SisterOn the farmMSSeedling (Mam & SisterSeedling).


The name is still unknownMSAlthough it is a seedling

From the desire to "make seedlings that are strong and easy to grow"

With Omni (Mom in Korean)2Seedlings carefully and lovingly raised by a daughter.


Because it is the smallest breeder in Korea to produce an original hybrid,

It is a rare seedling with a small number of production.


A plastic greenhouse built on a hill in the village

When the weather is nice, leave the roof open

Plenty of sunlight,

The natural breeze that blows on the hills

Whip whip and energetic seedlings.



The reason for growing in a different natural environment every day is

To make seedlings that grow well in any environment.


To grow up vigorously and strongly even in a new environment1It is raised by thinking about it.


On this occasion,Mam & SisterThe new farm's new seedlings, the original mating seedlings, have safely left the Korean "house".


It takes time to grow each one carefully until it reaches us.MSSeedlings.

It is a cute seedling that is full of commitment.


There is no doubt that you will be healed by that cute figure.♪


This new seedling11There are types.

every day1I will introduce you ^ ^

Written by 巴佳子