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Notice of shop name change


Everyone always "tanikuThank you for your patronage!


"It's just startedtanikuHowever, thanks to you, we were able to deliver succulent plants to many people, and all the staff are very pleased.

In expanding the range of sales and services of new seedlings in the future, even moretaniku + αWe have decided to change the shop name so that we can deliver "healing" to everyone.


The new shop name is "tawawa"is.


The concept is "time to relax with succulents and enjoy me."


tawawaIs expressed in kanji as "Tawawa". (Atejiw

I imagine the time to relax and heal by touching succulents and enjoy what you like.

tawawaThe name is associated with the softness of the sound and the plump impression of succulents.


We will continue to strive to provide even better products and services, so please take a look.tawawaThank you for your cooperation.




Notice of various changes due to shop name change


Due to the change of the shop name, the following change work will be done from today to tomorrow.







(newURLCan also be confirmed from the Instagram home screen. )


Instagram account name change





(There is no need to re-follow)


● LINEAccount name change





(There is no need to re-register.)


We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Please continue to "tawawaThank you!



Written by 巴佳子