New MS seedlings & other Korean seedlings sales start | Online shopping for succulents tawawa


We will inform you about the launch information of seedlings✩︎


The arrival of seedlings was delayed from the original schedule, and it was difficult to sell additional seedlings, so I am sorry to have kept you waiting.


Tomorrow morning10From time to time2020New year's original matingMSSeedling11Seeds and other seedlings10Seeds will be on sale⑅︎◡̈︎*


EspeciallyMSSeedlings are producersMam & SisterCute seedlings that are full of the feelings of everyone on the farm&It is a very energetic seedling that is cool and fluffy.


Still unknownMSIt's a seedling, but by all means at the online shopMSI would be happy if you could see the cuteness of the seedlings ( ˘͈ ˘͈  )


I haven't put all the photos of the seedlings in the middle of the work yet, but I hurriedly contacted you to start selling.


With the repeated spread of the new coronavirus, I still can't spend my time calmly, but I hope that the cute appearance of the succulents will make you forget your anxiety and have a good time.✿︎

Written by 巴佳子